Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August doings....

The Purl Bee Baby Mocs and the Little Scallops Baby Hat were finished up a couple weeks ago--baby items are such wonderfully quick knits!   I am very happy with how each turned out and am sure these patterns will be used again and again in the future. For more details, see my Ravelry page here.
{we call this baloney tongue}

We love to head to the lake, now and again, to walk the dogs and watch the sailboats as the sun sets.  The dogs get so excited because they love to jump in and take a swim.  

Our favorite artisan ice cream place is located right across from the canal, so it's nice to take a walk around the locks after indulging on a sundae or cone...

This summer I was so excited to find an old striped ticking pillow case as I knew it would be perfect for a tote.  I just finished this up and added it to the shop.

It has just been an unusual summer for us this year--renting still feels strange and not having a vegetable garden or chickens to tend feels stranger still.  On a happy note, our oldest just became engaged to be married--her boyfriend proposed to her at a waterfall in Iceland {the name of which I cannot even attempt to spell} where they were vacationing...very romantic!  So we are officially planning a wedding to happen next summer.  
In the meantime, we also have a start date on our house--August 25, if all goes well...a busy time ahead for a very good way.
That's the news in my world. 
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I took my camera over to our property one evening to get some photos, while Mike was shooting grades and digging another inspection hole.  

We have not been able to start on the basement for the house...the inspection holes are still filling up with water at 3 to 4 ft as Mike digs them.  Holes from previous digs have become home to frogs who apparently love to jump in and keep cool and moist.

The subcontractor says go with a crawl space or sell the a crawl space it will be. Still waiting for a date as to when that will happen.

So, for now, we go there to walk the dogs, enjoy the peace and quiet, and dream.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

an antique find and some hand crafting...

Note: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

For awhile, I have been looking for a piece to use as a vanity in the powder room of our soon-{I hope}-to-be-built new home...the basement of which has yet again been postponed due to excessive rains :(
Finally, on Craigslist, I found a walnut piece with the perfect measurements to fit the antique marble sink top.  It was about an hour and a half away, so we took a nice country drive to the antique shop, found it in good shape, and brought it home...

What I really like about it, is that what look like lower drawers, is actually a cabinet door.  The undermount sink will consume the top drawer, but the cabinet below will offer plenty of storage.

Oldest child asked recently if I would mind coming up with some baby things to go along with a shower gift.  I was happy to oblige, and since I had some white cotton chenille on hand and plenty of leftover fabrics, I made some burp cloths...

I used this tutorial.

I was also happy to have an excuse to knit some booties that look like little moccasins.

I'm close to being finished with the first one--the design details will be added after, using duplicate stitch.  The tutorial is from Purl Bee.

Having finally removed all of the old, Harvest Gold, nubby upholstery fabric from the Eastlake chair, I started with the reupholstering.  I'm using a moderately heavy linen and decided to keep it simple with upholstery nails and no gimp.  I don't think I have ever redone this style of armchair, so am referring to this book on my shelf, How to Repair, Reupholster, and Refinish Furniture, for guidance.

One tip in the book I found helpful, was to use a strip of cardboard placed in the fold of the fabric to get a nice straight edge.  The curves were just free-handed and a bit more of a challenge...

Hoping today to get the top front done...


Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Over the Fourth...

It was a good July Fourth weekend here with great weather.  We had a wonderful dinner with the kids and then headed down to the lake to enjoy the sunset.  There just happened to be a sailboat race taking place, which {along with the swimming geese} made the view especially picturesque.

One morning we got up and decided to take a bike ride along the canal towpath.  

I really miss having my own yard and gardens!, but being a renter has given us a little more time for recreation--and Mother Nature can be counted on to make some beautiful wildflower gardens...

I took advantage of some Joann Fabric sales combined with coupons and bought some fabrics for a coverlet and pillows.  It has probably been well over 15 years since I made our current duvet cover out of some Ralph Lauren fabric, which I still love but felt it was time for something new.
I really like this double-faced, diamond quilted cotton, that puffed up so nicely after being washed and dried.

I also made a new dog bed cover, with enough fabric left over for a couple sofa cushions.

Our basement for the new house is still on hold, with a tentative date of July 20.  The inspection hole alternates between being filled with water and being almost empty, depending upon the rains.  According to the local weather, there were only two days in June without rain...we're hoping for a drier July!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a weekend in June...

It was a perfect weekend--a garden show and dinner overlooking the Niagara River on Saturday, some kayaking and time spent with the kids on Father's Day, and even a little time in between to work on a couple projects. 

It helped us forget, for a while, the fact that we were not able to break ground on the new house, Monday, as planned...the driveway was put in last week, and then the excavator dug a test hole for the basement, which quickly filled up with water {those June showers!!}.  The recommendation is to wait a couple weeks and see if the water table has receded. I have to keep telling myself, patience.....

Last year I started stripping the old upholstery from this Eastlake chair, which had belonged to my aunt.  Last week I carried it up from the basement, deciding to get it finished.  Several layers of fabric and many upholstery tacks later, I am finally down to the padding, much of which will need to be replaced.  It has apparently been recovered several times, and the wood is riddled with so many nail holes that I hope I will be able to successfully attach new fabric.  Hoping this goes well...

I found this little lamp for a few dollars at a yard sale last year.  The covering on the shade was not salvageable, so I have been looking for a replacement.  Nowhere though, have I come up with something just the right size.  Recently I was at an antique shop and saw a shade that someone had wrapped vertically with a narrow strip of fabric, so I figured I could come up with something and just get by with this shade for now.  In a drawer I had some of this vintage, wide cotton tape.  I attached the end with some hot glue and started wrapping, trying to figure out how to make it look somewhat decent.  One continuous length of tape would be the ideal, but since I have four lengths, I am gluing the ends together with some Aleene's OK to Wash-It 4oz glue*.  I hide the join on the inside, and so far it seems to be holding just fine. Halfway there...

Working on any project lately?...I would love to hear about them,


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