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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

office chair makeover

Should you ever happen upon an ugly looking, but free office chair, have hope.  With a just a screwdriver, a staple gun, and some fabric on hand, it's the perfect candidate for a makeover.
In the midst of spring cleaning the spare bedroom I decided I could no longer live with the shabby-though-free office chair that Mike would sometimes use at the desk there.  It was one of those 'there's no better time than the present!' moments.  I rummaged through the fabric cupboard and came up with an Orla Kiely tablecloth that I found at Target a few years ago, grabbed a screwdriver and my staple gun, and set to work.  About an hour later it was done, and I got back to my spring cleaning.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

chair covers, guinea hens, and pottery

 The other morning, as I was briskly walking the treadmill in the basement, out of the corner of my eye I realized that some one or thing was outside the heart would have raced had it not already been over exerted from the exercise.  I was relieved to see it was only a few guinea hens from next door peering in at me, and who when they saw me, sounded the alarm--hard to describe the sound but it's very loud.
When I came upstairs, Fluffy was most upset about the intruders and was giving them a piece of her mind...
 After a long cloudy winter, we are loving the sunshine.  It has, however, brought to light the fact that some household freshening up is in order.  Now that the couch is finally slipcovered, I decided to recover the seats on our kitchen chairs.  Unbelievably I could not find a Before picture, but they were covered in a natural-colored linen.  The linen had been on for several years and was starting to look a bit worse for the wear.  I decided to go with something a little more bold and easier to clean...

 The fabric is Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Finnigan Stripe Tuxedo from  Although I'm not a fan of polyester, this fabric is stain and water resistant and spills can be wiped up with soapy water...time will tell, since spilling here is only a matter of time.
While we're in the kitchen, I want to show you the little pitcher I found at the thrift store...
I only recently found out about this Polish stoneware from Boleslawiec, Poland.  The patterns and colors are gorgeous...I can't believe I never knew it existed!  So, when I was wandering through Goodwill with my 50% off coupon, I was happily surprised so see this deep blue, snowflake design pitcher which soon became mine for $1.50.  Never mind that the matching sugar bowl was no where in sight ~ apparently they became separated at some point in time ~ I love it all the same.

Monday, March 17, 2014

a finished less than a year!

This is the morning after last weeks snowstorm--the 
sun beautifully shining on a new foot of snow.
Thanks to a warm up in between then and now,
much of the snow has melted, though the temps
are quite frigid today.
Thank goodness for some indoor blooms...

Also making me happy is a finally finished slipcover
for our sofa, which is a vintage mohair model and
solid as a rock.  I finished the cushion cover last
year and have lived with it all, half-finished
since then.  {Why is that when I had two little 
ones, I could complete a slipcover in a couple

I would love to say it's a heavy, oatmeal-colored linen,
but due to budget and pet concerns, I instead chose to
use a very large canvas drop cloth...
I seem to have gotten lazy in my old age, and cut corners where possible.  No piping, which I've almost always added to my slipcovers in the past--I couldn't bear the thought of cutting and sewing the miles that would be required. So, rather, I just topstitched along all my seam lines to give it some strength.
The drop cloth, being very large, did come with some seams--I incorporated them into the slipcover as you can see below, at the end of the couch.  I also used the existing hemmed edges of the drop cloth for my hems--probably not proper, but probably no one else will ever notice.
 While at the machine, I also sewed some new pillow covers.  The large ones in the corners reverse to a solid blue linen that I found in the remnant bin at Joann Fabrics.  The red & aqua floral was also found at Joann's.

Marley decided he needed to be in the picture so you would all see how worried {and sometimes frantic} he feels when it's windy outside...poor guy, it's not always easy being a golden retreater!


Saturday, July 27, 2013



It's berry season here, so there's been a lot of picking going on--mostly blueberries, which are going strong.  There are a few raspberries, a few blackberries, and a disappointing amount of strawberries.  The strawberry plants look diseased and I fear I will have to start over again in that raised bed.  We are enjoying what berries we have in smoothies, on waffles, and with yogurt and granola.  The freezer is filling up with lots of blueberries to get us through the winter months.
Everyday I try to spend some time sewing pouches and totes, or crafting some recycled journals for the August festival...although my constant companion is always trying to coax me away for a game of 'fetch the red ball'.
In the sunroom there's been a bit of rearranging, and the once white chimney cupboard {before} has been painted 'whispering wheat' {a Glidden color}.  In the living room, I've hung an oil painting called 'lighthousekeeping' which was found at a local yard reminds me of my favorite place to spend time in the summer... almost as good as being there.

Monday, April 15, 2013

rocker redo

This is what I've been working on a little bit the last couple weekends.
My goal for this year is to complete as many unfinished projects
as possible, and I will be really happy to check this one off the
list...I think it will make a nice spot to sit, relax, and maybe do a bit of finishing that sweater I started a couple years ago :)
This rocker, a yard sale find, has been in the basement so long
that I no longer remember what sort of seat it may have had
when I bought it.
I'm fairly certain it was not rush, but since I have a couple rolls
of rush material on hand, which has also been stashed in the basement
for a long time, that's the seat the rocker shall have.
It's been 20+ years since I took a class on doing rush seats,
so I found a video to refresh my memory--
it's coming along,
though a bit wonky in spots.
I'll just be happy to have it done.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

in my workroom

This is my workroom two years ago...the little green chest of drawers is where I store all the little 'stuff' {zippers, elastic, seam bindings & bias tape, ink pads & stamps, etc}, and, it's the most recent piece to get a makeover...

Inspiration came from this chest of drawers pictured on the front of Homebound ezine {Fall 2011}

A little homemade chalk paint, a bit of distressing, some number stamps, and a wax finish were all that was needed...

Just two more pieces left to redo...


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

a cupboard makeover...

Remember the $10 primitive cupboard that I bought
at the flea market in August?...I knew it had potential,
but even my better half wasn't with me on this one--he was wearing that mortified look, but was too kind to object and loaded it in the truck for me without any complaint.
It was really ugly... 

He was even kind enough to help me with the restoration, ripping off the old backing, which I replaced with planks;
setting me up with the air nailer-what a time-saver!
and cutting some new boards for the top--it would seem that it
was actually displayed upside down when we bought it {?}
Here's the AFTER,
in my workroom:

I've loaded it up with sewing & knitting books and lots
of baskets to hold all my clutter.

{Little mouse hole}... 

The plank back I added:  
The paint I used is a french gray homemade chalk paint,
which I then distressed a little and waxed with some clear wax.
I also painted the little corner shelf unit to match...

I'm really thrilled with my 'new' cupboard!

And, because the green pieces I had in my workroom
no longer fit in, I will have another makeover to show you soon,


Thursday, August 23, 2012

flea market table makeover

As promised, here is my other painting project--a small flea market table
that I picked up for $5 two years ago, here.
It was a lovely vintage looking green,
but now that the floors are painted a sage green
the table had to change.
It seemed the perfect project to try some DIY chalk paint ~ so here's what I did:

  1. first I scraped away any flaking paint and coated the table base with some primer...I probably didn't need to since I was using chalk paint, but the primer was handy
  2. I mixed up my chalk paint using an 8 oz sample container of Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Sparrow to which I added 2 tablespoons of NOW brand calcium carbonate powder  {I mixed the powder with a tiny bit of water first, so there would be no lumps, then I stirred it into the paint}
  3. I only applied one coat, and it covered well
  4. I sanded lightly to distress it a little
  5. then I rubbed on some clear wax, buffed, and followed with a darker Walnut shade of wax to age it a bit
It turned out just as I hoped, and I was able to stay within my frugal budget.
Those little sample paint pots go a long way--there is still plenty left for several
more small projects.
And, as I don't have much invested, I won't feel so bad if I decide to change the color in a year
or two  :)
Hope you're having a great week everyone.  
I hope you'll please try to stop back tomorrow
for information on a special giveaway!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

metal stool makeover


Besides painting floors and walls recently, I've also
re-painted some other things.
My little metal yard sale stool has gone from green
to black.  I've been wanting to try Rustoleum Universal
paint and primer in one, and it worked well.
I used the satin, and one can was just barely enough.
My other paint project was a small table which
I recoated with some diy chalk paint...I''l be back with
some pictures next post,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday ~ May 21st

Our weekend was 80 degrees and pure sunshine...most of the week was warm and sunny...which meant lots of yard work like weeding and spreading mulch, hanging laundry, long walks, the first s'mores by the campfire and not much time spent at the sewing machine or computer.
Porch furniture was hauled out from winter storage in the barn, hosed off, and scraped of peeling paint if needed.  The wicker rocker was given a new coat of black paint and new cushion covers sewn from canvas drop cloth material...I've given up on floral prints or any color, as all the covers I've sewn over the years have soon faded out from the sun.
And, some treasures were found at the first flea market and yard sales of the season: 
  • an old cast-iron Aladdin lamp in need of a shade
  • 2 round fluted tins
  • a small wire rack
  • old pie tin
  • tin flower container
  • 2 old books
  • a blue enamelware coffee pot--my most exciting find for $12
Now, to find a home for everything...  Hope your weekend was good!

Friday, May 04, 2012

a bit of recycling

When I'm ready for a little change, I rarely go out and buy something new ~ instead I just refurbish/recycle what I already have.
This wooden tray is on its third transformation: 

Some leftover black paint, primer, and a National Geographic map of my little corner of the earth, and it's now the perfect spot to hold sentimental treasures:

* beach glass & heart-shaped stones from our walks at the lake
*arrowheads found by Dad when he was farming
*an old silver dish
*a family baby picture
*a hawk's feather I found this week

Have a good weekend!



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