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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

catching up...


May has been such busy month here { busy in a good sense },
that today's rainy weather seems a good time to sit and catch up.
* Mother's Day brunch was celebrated here with family.  Mother Nature provided lots of blooms-- including tulips, lilacs, and blossoming trees.  Mike cooked and washed up, and the kids gave me 2 gorgeous hanging baskets
* We set off on a road trip to attend an out-of-state wedding in a charming little chapel set in the woods in Tennessee.   We took a week off and did some
sightseeing along the way--places I've never been to, like
Berea and Lexington, KY and Kingwood Center in Ohio.  I'll
have some pictures soon to post.
*Upon our return, I've been planting and weeding, but still haven't
finished either.  Most of the tomato plants are in, seed potatoes are planted,
and cucumber, string bean, nasturtium, and sunflower seeds are sown.
*Yesterday was our annual visit to a local flea market, and as always
I found some good stuff--
grain & feed sacks for totes,
vintage curtain fabric,
knitting needles,
old books for journal-making,
linen napkins to replace the ones we've worn out,
pads of cardstock for shop tags,
a $1 ironstone platter,
some silver spoons for plant markers,
embroidered linens for pouches,
and a little $2 lamp in need of a shade.
*And, last but not least, the baby chicks have arrived...I love Spring!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

the Singer



Our weather lately has been more gloomy than usual for this time of year, a mix of rain and snow, though temps have warmed up a bit.  Boots are a must for for my daily walk as we're either slogging through standing water or snow, and the path through the woods is quite flooded.  We saw the first robins last weekend, and the Canadian geese have been flying overhead--a truly encouraging sight as Spring cannot be too far off...

In the kitchen I've been baking this Special banana bread - {excellent!}, zucchini muffins,
dutch oven bread, these Thai chicken wraps, and a birthday pie from cherries frozen last year.

In my workroom, I have a new helper--she's a 1930's era Singer 101-4 sewing machine which I found sitting out in front of an antique barn last summer.  As it was a bit of a gamble--the couple in charge couldn't remember if she was in working order--they offered to discount the price to $10.  Of course she was loaded up with her bag of accessories and brought home, where she has sat until just recently getting thoroughly cleaned up and oiled.  She needs a new light bulb and new rubber for the bobbin winder, but otherwise is running smoothly. She is controlled by a knee lever instead of a pedal, but I am getting used to it.   I have tested her out on a couple bags, {mainly just for the leather work}, one of which is the wool bag pictured, a messenger tote for me, made out of an old wool blazer of mine, a thrifted leather belt, and some leather scraps I had on hand.  It has a recessed zipper closure and lots of useful pockets inside and out.  I will now be looking at thrift store clothing with all sorts of possibilities in mind--my next recycling attempt is a bag from a Goodwill-found leather jacket!

Friday, January 04, 2013

work apron totes

I was so happy to find two old work aprons
at an estate sale--perfect tote material!

Not sure of their age,
but I think it's been quite a while since
we've had 4-digit phone numbers?

Both are now listed in the SHOP.



Monday, October 08, 2012

some of my summer handiwork and a giveaway

         Over the course of the summer, many spare moments were spent working on some homespun goodness for a local craft festival.  The week of the event quickly arrived, and with it an unexpected family event for that very same day.  I never made it to the craft festival, but that turned out just fine as I now have some things to offer at firefly farm goods, which has been sitting quite empty all summer. 
Here's a bit of what I've been working on over the summer:

{ drawstring pouches }

{ recycled book cover journals }

{ some flea market treasures }

{ sugar sack & leather tote bag }

{ some zipper pouches }

Best of all, I would like to give away one of the
recycled book cover journals to one of you!

This journal is 5.25 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall.
Inside you'll find 100 sheets of acid-free blank white paper
plus pages of black & white nature illustrations
from an old book. 
It can hold your writing, drawing, or scrapbooking momentos... 

To enter the giveaway drawing,
just leave me a comment.
This is open to all readers, even if you
are outside the US.
And, if you are an anonymous commenter,
be sure to leave your email address.
Comments will be accepted until
end of day tomorrow, Tuesday October 9, and I will announce a winner
on Wednesday, October 10.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and visit!


*Note:  Comments are now closed and a winner will soon be announced--thanks for entering!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

flea market table makeover

As promised, here is my other painting project--a small flea market table
that I picked up for $5 two years ago, here.
It was a lovely vintage looking green,
but now that the floors are painted a sage green
the table had to change.
It seemed the perfect project to try some DIY chalk paint ~ so here's what I did:

  1. first I scraped away any flaking paint and coated the table base with some primer...I probably didn't need to since I was using chalk paint, but the primer was handy
  2. I mixed up my chalk paint using an 8 oz sample container of Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Sparrow to which I added 2 tablespoons of NOW brand calcium carbonate powder  {I mixed the powder with a tiny bit of water first, so there would be no lumps, then I stirred it into the paint}
  3. I only applied one coat, and it covered well
  4. I sanded lightly to distress it a little
  5. then I rubbed on some clear wax, buffed, and followed with a darker Walnut shade of wax to age it a bit
It turned out just as I hoped, and I was able to stay within my frugal budget.
Those little sample paint pots go a long way--there is still plenty left for several
more small projects.
And, as I don't have much invested, I won't feel so bad if I decide to change the color in a year
or two  :)
Hope you're having a great week everyone.  
I hope you'll please try to stop back tomorrow
for information on a special giveaway!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

metal stool makeover


Besides painting floors and walls recently, I've also
re-painted some other things.
My little metal yard sale stool has gone from green
to black.  I've been wanting to try Rustoleum Universal
paint and primer in one, and it worked well.
I used the satin, and one can was just barely enough.
My other paint project was a small table which
I recoated with some diy chalk paint...I''l be back with
some pictures next post,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday ~ May 21st

Our weekend was 80 degrees and pure sunshine...most of the week was warm and sunny...which meant lots of yard work like weeding and spreading mulch, hanging laundry, long walks, the first s'mores by the campfire and not much time spent at the sewing machine or computer.
Porch furniture was hauled out from winter storage in the barn, hosed off, and scraped of peeling paint if needed.  The wicker rocker was given a new coat of black paint and new cushion covers sewn from canvas drop cloth material...I've given up on floral prints or any color, as all the covers I've sewn over the years have soon faded out from the sun.
And, some treasures were found at the first flea market and yard sales of the season: 
  • an old cast-iron Aladdin lamp in need of a shade
  • 2 round fluted tins
  • a small wire rack
  • old pie tin
  • tin flower container
  • 2 old books
  • a blue enamelware coffee pot--my most exciting find for $12
Now, to find a home for everything...  Hope your weekend was good!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

waiting PATIENTLY!

Desperation is setting in--my sewing machine
went in for a minor repair on May 26th
and I still do not have it back.
The part needed was not even ordered until
weeks after I dropped the machine off...
I have been very polite on the several
occasions I've called them,
but secretly I did feel like screaming...I must
work on patience...:)
Thank goodness I have been loaned a
sewing machine, which is getting me by
for the lightweight projects ~ drawstring
pouches and some clothespin bags are in the works.
On a happy note, the workroom has a
lovely 'new' wastebasket, found
at a barn sale for a dollar...

I suspect the farmer had been keeping
tools/parts{?} in it,
but it cleaned up nicely.
{ Did you know that homemakers of old
would wax the inside of the wastebasket
to keep things from sticking and help it
to be easily emptied out? }


Monday, June 27, 2011

making homemade whipped cream

My favorite whipped cream is homemade.
Although there is usually an emergency can of Redi Whip
in the fridge,
if I know I'll be wanting whipped cream
for something, I make sure I pick up
a little carton of heavy cream
{with no additives, preferred}
from the store.
I was excited to try out my new
and see how it would work.
After pouring a half pint
of heavy cream into the glass container...

...I added a tablespoon of vanilla sugar.
{Just add a split vanilla bean or two to
a jar of sugar, cover, and give some time
to flavor.} 

With the plunger inserted and the top secured,
I pumped the handle up and down
and had perfect whipped cream in no time.

My favorite new kitchen tool!


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

my new old door

It's always fun to repurpose an old door
or window.  I have made old windows into mirrors
and bulletin boards and have hung the unique ones
just for decoration.
Two salvaged doors like the one below have become
entrances to our barn and henhouse.
This one, found some time ago, was in
exceptional condition, but at first I wasn't sure
exactly where it was to end up...

then I saw that it would be the perfect replacement
for the solid wood door between the front hall
and laundry room.  Both spaces were short on natural
light, so this door is perfect ~ both areas
seem a bit brighter now...

{paint color ~ Ralph Lauren's bone black in satin}

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the annual Memorial Day flea market trip

My treasures from the Memorial Day flea market:
  1. black metal box
  2. gray enamel ware bowl
  3. small white pitcher
  4. old, world globe bank
  5. 'made in Poland' basket with handles {only $3}
  6. beautiful aqua mason jar with metal lid
  7. 3 feed sacks
  8. a short stack of vintage embroidered linens
  9.  1950's Speed-E-Whipper manual creamer...
...I used to have a new plastic version of the whipper--I loved it for making fresh whipped cream, but one day the plastic broke.  I was so happy to find this 50's glass/metal version!
Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

how was your weekend?

I hope your Mother's Day was special.
My day included special wishes & gifts
from the kids,
a wonderful brunch,
a sunny warm day to enjoy the outdoors,
and a break from the usual chores.
As a bonus,
on Saturday, we headed to the Amish store
and hit the first yard sales
of the season.
I found the ovenware covered dish
with Homer Laughlin's Virginia Rose
which matches some bowls and plates
I have;
an Edge Malkin transferware piece,
missing its top I think and a bit
but I love it all the same.
I'm off to bake some fresh cut rhubarb
into a pie,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

spring sewing


~A cheap bedroom update for spring~
  • duvet cover sewn from two thrifted sheets~a queen size floral on one side, plain white on the other
  • cushion covers sewn from a green polka dot {fabric on-hand} on one side and floral on white {from a thrifted pillow case} on the other
It's dark and rainy outside,
but definitely feeling brighter inside!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

salvaging the broken....

I spied this old stained glass window
at a flea market last summer.
No one wanted it because part of the
glass had broken and fallen out,
and it was priced accordingly
--cheap enough for my small budget.
Here you can see the problem...

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought
a glass cutting tool and a piece of
stained glass--matching it as closely
as I could.
After a couple trys {cutting glass is tricky--for me}, I came up with
a replacement piece that would work.

Mike recommended clear silicone
to glue it in place...

...and it worked great.
You can see it's not a perfect match,
but it is perfectly good enough
for me, 

and just makes it all the more special.

Next up, the french door project.


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